The Harmonica Song

2001 Braun, Casey, Dyck



Harmonica, harmonica
Everybody loves the harmonica
Harmonica's are made for me and you
C'mon, you can play harmonica too.

Verse 1

When I was a boy, my mama said,
'Better practice the piano, before you go to bed.
If you wanna play music, you gotta play the keys.'
But I said,'Mom, I'll take harmonica please!'

Verse 2

My buddy wants to play the rock and roll,
His kind of music has really got soul.
But the kind of tune that really pleases me,
Is anything played on a harmonic-ey.

Verse 3

My sister likes the sound of the violin,
I tell her she's crazy, and wonder where she's been!
The sound that's sweet, the only sound for me,
Is harmonica playing a kicking melody!

Eh! BCD Music.