Alphabet Soup
Micki, looking lovely
Micki (aka Michele Casey) grew up surrounded by the rocks and lakes of Northwestern Ontario. Although she is an import to Manitoba, she has grown to love the prairies. Micki has an education degree from the University of Manitoba, and has spent years in and out of the school system (but don’t let that fool you into thinking she plays by the rules!) She lives in a cozy home with a garden, an ever-changing assortment of animals, her cat, some guy named Bob, and two real, live kids. This motley crew makes up her support team, and also supplies her with a constant source of raw material.  Micki plays a variety of different instruments, but when she really needs to work something out, it’s the piano she goes back to. Art and laughter have always been central in Micki’s life, and Alphabet Soup is a great combination of both!
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